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I have many years’ experience in editing and post production, across every type of content... countless TV & cinema commercials, corporate, government, documentary, social media, trailers... and everything in between.

Whether working as part of a team, alone, or juggling a room full of clients, I’m well known & liked for my enthusiasm, client management, creativity,

work ethic and commitment to just getting stuff done!

When not working on clients' edit gear, I have two suites of my own - one high-end home-studio based suite, and a mobile suite that can scale up & down.
Main tools of choice are Premiere Pro, AVID and After Effects.

While editing is my focus, I'm also proficient in encoding deliverables, FX compositing, motion graphics, colour grading, sound design & mixing.
When needed, I also have a 4K camera, steadicam gimbal,

lights and sound gear.

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