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I have many years’ of experience in editing and post-production,

across every type of content... countless TV & cinema commercials, corporate, government, documentary, branded content,

social media, trailers, and everything in between.

Whether working as part of a team, alone or juggling a room full of clients, I’m well known and liked for my enthusiasm, client management, creativity,  work ethic

and commitment to just getting stuff done!

When not working on clients' edit gear, I have two suites of my own - one high-end home-based suite, and a mobile suite that can scale up & down.
Main tools of choice are Premiere Pro, AVID, & After Effects.

While editing is my focus, I'm also highly proficient in encoding deliverables,

FX compositing, colour grading, motion graphics, sound design & mixing.

When needed, I also have a 4K camera, lights & sound gear.

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